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Thursday, June 11, 2015


   We discern our Lord is calling us forward and leading us to a New Home. It will be ~the Lord Willing~ a sacred place where we may continue strong in faith and in our Lord's Will for expanding ministries and outreach. We believe that our Lord is nudging us forward after being graciously housed at Reformation Lutheran Church for many years. The Chapel at 111 N.Chestnut St. has served as our 'place of refuge' for nearly nine years now. We are accepting our Lord's Call to venture forward into a new home by December 31st.... yet where is it O' Lord?
   Please help us to pray and to further discern how we may be faithful to our Lord in this momentous pilgrimage!
   Here is what we are prayerfully considering: In the Name of Jesus Christ our Lord we are seeking His guidance and blessing upon finding the following:
  • Chapel: seating for 75+
  • Piano or Organ
  • Fellowship Hall: seating for 100+
  • Kitchen (or kitchenette)
  • Bathrooms
  • Handicapped Accessibility to building and rooms
  • Parking for 50+ cars
  • Location accessible on a bus line
  • Growth space possibilities: Parish Office, Nursery/Children's Room
  Our sacred hope is that it would be a place of our own that we could rent. The two key reasons we have discerned for a 'place of our own' on Sunday mornings are: 1) so that we can maintain our time of Worship at 10 AM and 2) so that the place would become clearly known  as the parish center and home of All Saints Anglican Church of Rochester.
  Of course, we will need Offerings in order to move ahead. We are trusting our Lord in this part of the venture also... and are being blessed with 'seed money' already being offered: Thanks be to Almighty God!

  We pray that All Saints will faithfully respond to this great challenge and opportunity so that Our Holy God: Father, Son and Holy Spirit is honored and glorified! Amen.

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  1. May our Lord Jesus bless All Saints