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Wednesday, May 05, 2010

All Religions Are Not the Same, and Why It Should Matter, Even to the Secular World

All religions are not the same, and even minor differences can make a big difference in how we act. Many in the secular world seem to believe that all religions are essentially the same and if we could somehow understand that, no one would fight any more. But this is a dangerous belief, says Wall Street Journal writer Stephen Prothero. He says "denying differences is a recipe for disaster." No problems are solved by telling people they are actually the same. Instead understanding and acceptance of differences is the first step toward agreeing to disagree. Very relevant reading in today's political climate, and refreshing to see that someone actually understands that religious people are not all the same. Check it out here:

"A Dangerous Belief" by Stephen Prothero

And take a look at the Boundless blog's take on the article:

"Do All Paths Lead to the Same Truth?" by Heather Koerner