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Thursday, October 01, 2009

Thought for the Day: Atheism

iMonk posted an interesting essay regarding the popularity of atheism among young people, and the trend of abandoning Christianity for atheism. He points out that the typical young atheist is not an atheist because he or she was convinced by the philosophical arguments of prominent atheists. Rather, atheism is simply easier. iMonk believes that the hyperbolic claims of most evangelical churches, combined with the lack of witness in the typical Christian's life have made Christianity appear to be overly complicated, disappointing, and hypocritical.

"Vast numbers of people aren’t asking for philosophy. They are asking what will let them live a life uncomplicated by lies, manipulation and constant calls to prefer ignorance to what seems obvious."

Hmm. This inspires some serious self-contemplation.

Take a look at the original post:

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  1. Don't stop at the essay; also read all the comments. Sobering stuff.