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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Thought for the Day: What Happens When the Church Loses Sight of the Bible?

In this week's Thought for the Day, we have an article from the Boundless.org blog. In it, a Lutheran, Matt Kaufman, ponders the recent announcement from the Lutheran church supporting gay clergy. He wonders how the church lost its way so dramatically and concludes that "where they really went wrong was when they lost sight of the Bible." Check it out at:

"Losing Their Grip"


  1. Since you worship in an ELCA church in a synod that has declared itself to be a Reconciling In Christ entity (LGBT welcoming and affirming)... how do you justify sharing their church and sometimes in their common life? The ELCA went further in its' support of LGBT inclusion than did TEC.

  2. Anonymous: You seem to have some of your facts correct. You leave out one primary factor: Where does this particular congregation stand in relation to the newest changes in ELCA. In any event, did you ever think that the mission field for the sowing of the genuine Gospel of Jesus Christ may be part of Our Lord's greater plan? He is always looking to reach souls for the sake of salvation... even one soul reached is a matter of great joy! Let's pray for God's Holy Will to be accomplished. Next time: let us know who you are as you seek to 'speak the Truth in love'. May God be glorified in the Name of Jesus Christ.